6th Annual Step Into Summer 5K Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Alisha Anderson 40 F 5k race
Jessica Bacchus 36 F 5k race Team Bacchus
Aiden Bacchus 10 M 5k race Team Bacchus
Caylin Bacchus 8 F Kids Fun Run Team Bacchus
Blake Bacchus 9 M 5k race
Josh Bacchus 37 M 5k race Team Bacchus
Mark Banyai 31 M 5k race
Kimberly Banyai 30 F 5k race
Cynthia Banyai 3 F Kids Fun Run
Lindsey Barbey 31 F 5k race
Ben Bechtel 56 M 5k race Team Bacchus
Robin Bechtel 56 F 5k race Team Bacchus
Kate Beres 37 M 5k race
Karli Beres 10 F 5k race
Emery Beres 5 F Kids Fun Run
Dean Campbell 45 M 5k race
Jonathan Chaffin 47 M 5k race
Nichol Clay 40 F 5k walk
Anna Clay 15 F 5k walk
Adriana Cook 19 F 5k race
David Cushing 51 M 5k race
Julie DeTemple 44 F 5k race
Matthew Friend 36 M 5k race
Joe Good 46 M 5k race
Raegan Good 13 F 5k race
Tyler Good 10 M 5k race
Carol Hamilton 62 F 5k race
Peggy Harper 60 F 5k walk
Beth Harvey 47 F 5k race
Jackie Heslep 55 F 5k walk
Linda Jenkins 68 F 5k race
Clarrysa Kelley 20 F 5k walk
Victoria Lilly 28 F 5k walk
Jennifer Martone 40 F 5k race
Andrew Martone 48 M 5k race
Baylie Mason 10 F 5k race
Brooke Mason 10 F 5k race
Reese Mason 12 M 5k race
Hallie Mason 45 F 5k race
Grant Mason 47 M 5k race
Holden McClung 13 M 5k race
Paul Mullins 42 M 5k race
Verena Mullins 36 F 5k race
Hadrian Mullins 8 M 5k race
Octavian Mullins 4 M Kids Fun Run
kristina noel 0 F 5k race
Mark Radcliff 16 M 5k race
Eunice Rhodes 64 F 5k race
Eric Roberts 32 M 5k race
Tammy Roberts 54 F 5k race

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by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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