7th Annual Run for Los Niños Entry List

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First Name Last Name Age Gender Event Team
Greg Peyton 36 M 5K
Saylor Peyton 5 F 5K
Susan Porter 33 F 5K
Jay Porter 33 M 5K
Jim Porter 69 M 5K
Meghan Prose-Denney 37 F 5K
Eli Robinson 18 M 5K
Jada Rogers 15 M 5K
Joseph Rogers 37 M 5K
Bev Sauvageot 52 F 5K
Debbie Sheils 61 F 5K
Bill Sheils 62 M 5K
Sigur Sigurdarson 53 M 5K
Bill Sommerville 84 M 5K
Freda Sommerville 82 F 5K
Jane Steele 60 F 5K
Kate Steele 36 F 5K
Tiffani Stewart 37 F 5K
Susie Stewart 59 F 5K
Marcus Stone 27 M 5K
Anna Stone 25 F 5K
Jana Stoner 36 F 5K
Ryan Stoner 36 M 5K
Kathleen Stoner 10 F 5K
Carolyn Stoner 8 F 5K
Topher Stoner 6 M 5K
David Tolley 56 M 5K
Marla Tolley 56 F 5K
Jim Turner 55 M 5K
Nicholas Turner 26 M 5K
Erika Turner 18 F 5K
Bryn Turner 16 F 5K
Fenix Valdez 12 M 5K
Alicia Valdez 14 F 5K
Vicki Williams 62 F 5K

Our goal is to help our community
by promoting fitness and
raising millions for charity.

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